Twelve individual workshops will be held, each pertaining to one of the twelve steps of recovery



NOTE: This is Not the 2018 FIS Schedule


2018 Schedule is in work and will be posted as soon as possible.

Posted 3-9-18.


Step 1 – Saturday Night Speakers Meeting 10:50 AM  Cedar Room


Step 2 – The Morning Meeting  1:40 PM  Cedar Room


Step 3 -  Sunrise Meeting   3:00pm  Cedar Room


Step 4Monday Night Women's Big Book Study  4:20 PM Cedar Room


Step 5 –  12 X 12 Meeting  10:50AM  Fir Room


Step 6 –  As Bill Sees it Meeting  1:40PM  Fir Room


Step 7 – Flimsy Reed Meeting  3:00PM  Fir Room


Step 8 - Four Horsemen Meeting  4:20PM  Fir Room


Step 9 – NorthEnd Newcomers Meeting  10:50AM  Pine Room


Step 10 – Senior Moment Meeting  1:40PM Pine Room


Step 11 – The Book Club Meeting  3:00PM  Pine Room


Step 12 - Fellowship of the Spirit Meeting  4:20PM  Pine Room

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